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The Journey Begins...

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Hey, it’s Bethan!

I am the owner of St. Julien Tea. We are a tiny boutique company based in Melbourne, Australia.

I have been a tea lover since I can remember- I was literally given bottles of tea by my parents at nine months old.

Once I realised tea was grown in unusual places across the world, I set sail for Europe to discover a hidden world of tea growers, tea merchants and tea culture.

My travels took me from the pristine tea rooms of London to the top of Swiss mountains and all the way over to the country of fire- Azerbaijan.

The teas and tisanes I have hand blended pay homage to the magic and ingeniousness of European tea.

They are also a reflection of the environment around me here in Melbourne. I experiment with many of the herbs and flowers in my garden, using organic gardening methods that enrich the soil.

All of the other ingredients are organic and hand packed in biodegradable, corn fiber teabags. Unlike many other tea companies, St. Julien Tea does not use any artificial colours, flavours or chemical enhancers. We let the natural ingredients speak for themselves.

I really hope you love these blends and the imagination behind each one.

Love, Bethan.

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