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What is our White Peony Tea?

Made from only the youngest, most tender leaves and low in caffeine, our White Peony Tea is heavenly!

White Peony Tea undergoes very little processing. Made from just the unopened silvery buds and the small, top one or two leaves of the tea plant, it is picked in spring and gently withered to yield a refreshing, easy-drinking tea, full of soft fruit flavors and melon notes with a lingering sweet aftertaste.

White Peony Tea is probably the most common and widely loved white tea on the market. However, there is a huge disparity in prices and quality. Our white tea is sourced from tea farmers from Taimu mountain in Fuding, Fuijan, China and produced using traditional sun-drying methods. These traditional methods provide a more subtle and smooth flavour and allows the floral aroma to shine through, compared to large-scale industrial methods.

Chinese White Peony Tea Loose Leaf Organic
Organic White Peony Tea

Certification: EU Standards

Tea varietal: Fuding Dabaicha Cultivar

Harvest time: Early April

Farming method: Biodynamic Organic Farming

Brewing temperature: 100 degrees

Brewing time: 15 seconds

Maximum brewing: Three times

Smooth and mellow, it is cucumber fresh with soft fruit notes and a lingering, sweet aftertaste

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