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Best Earl Grey and Elderflower Gin Cocktail Recipe

Everyone who knows me will say my favourite drink in the world (besides tea!) is wine. However, there are times when only a delicious, refreshing cocktail will do. I tried using tea in cocktails a few times but always found they were too weak or the flavour of the liquor didn't balance out well.

I started researching on the web and found a great recipe from Spruce Eats for an Earl Grey cocktail. However, instead of regular gin, I swapped it for elderflower gin which really compliments the floral notes in the tea. I used JJ Whitley elderflower gin which you can find in most bottle shops in Australia but there are also plenty of other brands on the market.

I also wanted to put to good use the techniques we learnt at an iced tea workshop the company attended earlier this year. To get a strong brew, it's important to add twice the amount of tea leaves as usual to half the amount of water and leave it for twice as long before adding ice. It may sound pretty extreme but if you try to brew iced tea using the same method as regular tea, you'll find it very weak and unpalatable.

After perfecting this recipe, I roped in my lovely friend and St. Julien Tea Content Creator, Nuria Falco to show you how it's done! If you enjoy this recipe, make sure to leave a comment below and follow us on social media for more.



Makes 1 large cocktail


4 tsp St. Julien Tea Simply Earl Grey

150ml boiling water

Half a lemon

1 cup of icecubes + 6 icecubes for garnish

White sugar (to taste)

50ml elderflower gin


  1. Place loose leaf tea into tea into a teapot. Pour over boiling water

  2. Let it steep for 10 minutes

  3. In the meantime, cut a lemon in half and keep a slice for garnish

  4. After 10 minutes, add a cup of icecubes to cool the tea down

  5. Wait for the icecubes to melt

  6. If you like your tea sweet, mix in white sugar to taste (we used 1tsp)

  7. Place remaining icecubes into a highball glass and strain enough tea for 3/4 of the glass

  8. Pour in 50ml of elderflower gin

  9. Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon and stir

  10. Use the lemon wedge as garnish

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