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You Deserve to be Loved

Feeling butterflies in your stomach before a date. Waiting impatiently for a text. Having a déja vu listening to a song. Laughing at a joke only the two of you understand. Wanting to dance, clap your hands, jump, scream to the world how happy you are. Living in the moment but building a future, together. The fulfilment of loving someone and being loved in return.

Being in love embellishes the world. Roses are more aromatic, chocolate tastes sweeter and music sounds more harmonious. Love fills you with joy and gives you reasons to smile every moment of the day.

When shared with someone you love, every occasion is memorable. Choosing furniture for the home you share, buying groceries and deciding what’s for dinner, holding hands while watching a movie, receiving a goodnight kiss or having a cup of tea.

Celebrate love with Tease Me, our unique Valentine’s Day limited edition tea. Chamomile, lavender, rose petals and licorice root makes the perfect blend to enjoy with your sweetheart. Let’s fall in love.

And for those of you without a special someone: YOU are enough. Treat yourself to our delicious tea. Sip it slowly, taking time to enjoy its aromatic taste. Because no one will love you better than you love yourself. And you deserve to be loved.

You can buy our Tease Me tea at our webshop here in loose leaf or biodegradable teabags while stocks last.

Fall in love with our new tea blend

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