Take yourself away from the hectic confines of city life, and retreat to the serene, cloud-crowned karsts of Chinese legend with our new Oriental Rose blend. 


The sweetness of the rose petals takes you to a simpler time, reminiscent of a cottage perched on the slopes of mountain, far above earthly concerns, with the earthy taste of our Yunwu Green Tea blend grounding you in the simple pleasure of a warm cup of tea in a chilly sea of mists.



Organic green tea and rose petals


How to infuse:
80 degrees
3 minute infusion


How to store:

Store in a cool, dark place in an airtight container, away from outside aromas


Packaging options:

A collectible tin containing loose leaf tea (makes approximately 24 cups)


OR a single, individually wrapped biodegradable teabag

Oriental Rose | Green Tea

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