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Best for:

Manifesting unconditional love, romance and healing


Rose quartz will leave you feeling carefree and open to love. It melts away fear, resentment and anxiety. After all, it is known as 'the love stone' and is said to have spread love, warmth and passion by the god of love, cupid.


Rose quartz is a must-have crystal for those looking to increase self-love, smooth over a family rift or bring a new lover into their lives.  As you sip your tea, breathe in this crystal's energy, imagining its soft pink hue filling your whole body with love. Feel the gentle energy clearing your heart chakra of any wounds from past relationships or your upbringing.


To use:

Simply fill half with loose leaf tea, let steep in water and pull out- no mess necessary.


Please note that due to the stones and crystals being made of natural material, the size and colour may vary.

Crystal Infuser | Rose Quartz Heart


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