Get ready to be transported to Asia with this amazing tea blend of organic black tea, bergamot oil and mandarin pieces. With its tangy, citrusy and robust flavour and an appealing natural colour, the Empress Grey will quickly become your new afternoon favourite.


This tea was inspired by my trip to China, where I was delighted to discover pu’erh tea aged inside citrus fruits. During Chinese New Year, mandarin oranges are considered to bring luck, prosperity and a long life.


It’s delicious and also healthy: dried fruit peel is used in traditional Chinese medicine to enhance digestion.



Organic black tea, madarin orange peices, calendula petals, bergamot oil


Health benefits:

Earl grey tea: Earl Grey Tea is a popular uplifting blend, light and aromatic with distinctive citrus bergamot flavour. It has a bright, bold and refreshing taste, popular as a morning drink in the UK. It helps reduce signs of aging, assists weight loss, helps prevent diabetes, and lowers cholesterol. The bergamot orange is hailed as "nature's statin".


Mandarin peel (also known as Chen pi): Chen pi is used as a traditional seasoning in Chinese cooking and traditional medicine. The taste is first slightly sweet, but the aftertaste is pungent and bitter. The peel takes on a beautiful dark golden brown with a robust, earthy and aromatic scent. Some medicinal uses include: to relieve allergic reactions, diarrhoea, nausea, indigestion, and to treat mucous in the lungs and stomach.


Calendula petals: Calendula is a plant that has been used for centuries as an ornamental, as well as culinary, cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Calendula can be taken orally or applied topically. A powerful antioxidant, it is amongst the strongest of antiviral herbs. An anti-inflammatory, it calms muscle spasms, treats constipation, helps heals wounds, is antimicrobial, antiviral and improves oral health. Also makes a great natural yellow dye.


How to infuse:
Heat water to 100 degrees
Infuse for 3-5 minutes


How to store:

Store in a cool, dark place in an airtight container, away from outside aromas


Packaging options:

A collectible tin containing loose leaf tea (makes approximately 24 cups)


A refillable pouch containing 12 biodegradable teabags made from corn fiber


OR a single, individually wrapped biodegradable teabag

Empress Grey | Immunity Tea

  • Information on the traditional uses and properties of herbs are provided on this site is for educational use only, and is not intended as medical advice. If you have any serious health concerns, you should always check with your health care practitioner before self-administering herbs.

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